Hello, readers, this is Aristo speaking to you, I was born in Jakarta on August 4, 1986. I am a full-time law teacher at Universitas Indonesia Law School and to make ends meet, I am also a practicing lawyer. Starting in 2016, I’m working on my own law firm Asshiddiqie, Pangaribuan & Partners which is located in Jakarta. I always find it’s interesting to dive into the issue of criminal justice, politics, and history. I have a bachelor’s degree from Universitas Indonesia Law School, a master’s degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and currently working to get my doctoral degree since fall 2018 at the University of Washington, Law School. 

This blog is a compilation of my thought starting in 2011. You’ll see my opinion published in various mediums, be it at the academic paper, op-ed piece, or youtube videos. You can reach me at my personal email,  aristo01@gmail.com

My Researchgate profile can be accessed at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Aristo_Pangaribuan

Thank you and happy reading!

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